There are 2 kinds of handicapping: typical and analytical and 3 levels to profitcapping: novice, intermediate and sophisticated. There are 5 in the cash positions of profitcapping which are win, location, program, 4th and 5th which represents the order of surface positions of handicapping which are 1st, second, 3rd, fourth and fifth respectively. When you handicap and profitcap you’re out to play and bet on several of those positions. Whether playing one position just or 2 or more for unique wagers per race or per race day and not having the ability to anticipate race outcomes or quantity of earnings months to years ahead. Horse racing is an analytical video game and specialists understand how to anticipate and identify what horses will can be found in throughout the wire months to years ahead and just how much earnings can be made over months and years ahead. How to do this is critical in racing. This is what specialists understand and do and extremely seldom discuss.


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