After being thrust into the spotlight for the actions of a commentator, the Norman High School ladies basketball group made news by itself terms by winning the Oklahoma 6A state champion.

The Tigers (19-0) topped their best season with a 48-37 win over Bixby on Saturday.

Norman got nationwide attention after the racist words of a broadcaster were heard ahead of the playing of the group’s quarterfinal video game Thursday.

The event took place as “The Star-Spangled Banner” started to play. The broadcasters informed their listeners on the NFHS Network stream they would return after a break and after that one, not understanding the audio was still live, utilized a curse and an epithet as the Norman gamers kneeled.

” They’re kneeling? F– them,” commentator Matt Rowan stated. “I hope Norman gets their ass kicked. … F– ing N-words.”

On Sunday, the WNBA gamers association launched a declaration voicing assistance for and congratulating the Norman group.

” To our young sis, the future stars of our sport and increasing leaders of this nation: We can not let another day pass without you speaking with us. You showed fantastic nerve and conviction in your choice to take a knee for justice. You plainly enjoy this nation and desire that it enjoys you back. We are with you. You have our assistance,” the declaration checked out.

Rowan provided an apology on Friday.

” Throughout the Norman High School ladies basketball video game versus Midwest City, I made improper and racist remarks thinking that the microphone was off; nevertheless, let me state instantly that is no reason such remarks need to have never ever been said,” Rowan stated in a declaration.

He included that a medical condition might have added to the outburst.

” I will specify that I suffer Type 1 Diabetes, and throughout the video game, my sugar was surging,” Rowan stated. “While not excusing my remarks, it is not uncommon when my sugar spikes that I end up being disoriented and typically state things that are not proper, along with upsetting. I do not think that I would have made such awful declarations missing my sugar spiking.”

The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association and NFHS Network likewise each provided declarations excusing the remarks.

Kneeling throughout the anthem throughout U.S. sporting occasions has actually ended up being a familiar method for professional athletes to reveal themselves, typically opposing racial or social oppression. Norman High School superintendent Nick Migliorino stated the school district supports the trainees’ right to easily reveal themselves.

” We condemn and will not endure the horrible words and mindsets of these commentators,” Migliorino stated Friday. “We will do whatever in our power to support and boost our group and everybody impacted by this event.”

Norman once again knelt throughout the anthem prior to Saturday’s state title video game, doing so while using t-shirts that check out “THIS IS WHY WE KNEEL.”

The Tigers have actually now won 2 straight state titles. Norman won in 2019; no champion was kept in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details from The Associated Press was utilized in this report.


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